Ftabow drawn


Bamboo backed laminated american flatbows

Custom made

Pictured left:   I'm testing a black walnut cored bow with bamboo backing -a sweet combination.
Made for a customer with 28 inch draw so I'm stretching a bit!


Bamboo back, hardwood core lemonwood belly

Bamboo makes a fast and sweet-shooting bow, and these american flatbows/American longbows are no exception. Made with tapered laminations of various woods, and a bamboo backing, these bows prove that glass fibre or carbon isn't necessary for efficient performance.
The nodes are left proud on the backing to compliment the beauty of this unique material.
Risers can be made with left or right hand shelf, both sides or without a shelf for those archers who like to shoot off their knuckle. The handles can be laminated in exotic woods, or from a single type of wood according to preference.

From £500

Collection preferred
advice on bow ordering here

Ordering your bow

All bows require 30% deposit


Contact me

Please email with any info/questions relating to your order, and to discuss the specification for your bespoke bow.



If you need further info, or I need more details from you, we'll agree on the order via email prior to payment.



Payment can be made via by Paypal (I can send a money request), bank transfer or cheque. Bow orders require 30% deposit,  all other items are payment with order.

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