Mark bowman


Tests carried out at the Defence Academy Bashford Laboratories

DVD approx 40 minutes

Galvanised into action by misinformation regarding the performance of English longbows with substantial draw weights when used in battle, a team gathered to carry out tests against plate of various qualities and thickness provided by Hector Cole MBE.
Impact energy was calculated using slow motion cameras and chronographs, courtesy of the Defence Academy Bashford laboratory.
Slow motion footage of arrows with various heads v plate at different angles and a brigandine are featured.

Included on CD is a report on findings by P.Bourke & Dr D Whetham  & "Some notes on plate armour" by Roy King (blacksmith/armourer)
The original was published in the Royal Armouries journal
"Arms & Armour" 

Note: This is not Robin Hood style entertainment! It is intended to demonstrate the power of the 'war' longbow as used in the middle ages and Tudor period.
The video was made in 2005, so it is not High Definition...

Defence Academy Longbow Test Team:
      Bowman -Mark Stretton, pictured left demonstrating shooting in a 140lb longbow
      Hector Cole MBE: arrowsmith
      Dr David Whetham: historian
      Paul Bourke: researcher
      Hilary Greenland: researcher

Mark has carried out a whole range of further empirical tests see

You won't find better information, peer reviewed and tested scientifically.

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