Made to British Long-Bow Society specification with the correct high stacked 'D' section
 'Amaranth' English longbows are made to the British Long-Bow Society specification, with horn nocks and the prescribed 'STACKED D' section.
See British Long-Bow Society specification
Several important stages in building the stave, and careful training to bend ensure these laminated longbows are a good combination of speed and shootability.

Custom made triple laminate longbows

My bows are made to suit the archer's drawlength and shooting style, whether you are a target, field or flight archer -or all three.
You can enjoy most styles of competition with a longbow!
Pictured are longbows just before final test shooting and polishing, all bows are tested through a chronograph.


Materials vary according to availability, and include:
lemonwood, purpleheart, black walnut, pequia, greenheart, ipe etc.
Leather bound handle and horn arrowplate. Supplied complete with Dacron string and stringer. Length and draw-weight (up to 80lb) are to suit the archer.
Three laminations with a lemonwood or boxwood belly, a hardwood core and  bamboo back -I have been using bamboo for over 15 years and find it sweet to draw -and attractive with the nodes remaining. Nocks and arrow plate are horn as standard.
Grips are leather bound (unless requested otherwise) black or dark tan .

From £500
(Sorry -CARRIAGE BOWS currently unavailable due to a broken lathe which made the sockets)

Yew longbows are available if suitable quality wood is in stock £900

30% deposit with order
Bows are guaranteed for 6 months assuming no alterations or lack of care by the archer are evident

Ordering your longbow

Most items are made to order to ensure they suit you.
Books, string wax and bow bags are sent from stock.


Contact me

Please email with any info/questions relating to your order, or to arrange a visit to discuss the specification for your bespoke bow.



If you need further info, or I need more details from you, we'll agree on the order via email prior to payment.



Payment can be made via by Paypal (I can send a money request), bank transfer or cheque. Bow orders require 30% deposit,  all other items are payment with order.

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