Flint arrows with foreshaft

Flint heads, hazel or willow shafts

Sinew bindings to head and foreshaft

Custom made

Made for Museums and display, pine tar glued with sinew binding
Sinewed foreshafts if suitable for the type (as pictured left, before fletching)
Includes Stellmoor and Loshult types.
Stained turkey fletch to suit

Please contact me with details for a quote/availability

FROM £30 each plus p&p

Ordering prehistoric arrows

Arrows are made to order and  to your specification
Payment for arrows is with order via proforma invoice


Contact me

Please contact me with any info/questions relating to your arrows order



If you need further info, or I need more details from you, we'll agree on the order via email prior to payment.



Payment can be made using Paypal (I can send a money request), bank transfer or cheque.  Arrows require payment with order.

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