A variety of bow types in maple, ash or elm (according to availability of suitable timber)
includes self and painted cable backed (cordage) bows

Custom made

A wide limbed bow is ideal for decoration. Hunters may have used painted bows to break up the profile while stalking their quarry.
Pictured are bows from my own shooting collection: painted bows, a cable (cordage) backed bow and my favourite- the Mollegabet bow 
Cable backed bows have Dacron cable, bound at handle and nocks. This backing helps modify the neutral axis and reduces the chance of breakage and reduces string follow. It may need adjustment after shooting a few hundred arrows.


Best quality staves are essential, and availability can be limited.
All the designs on painted bows use natural pigments.
If you have a particular bow/design in mind, please contact me
Ordering advice and care here

Painted £500
Unpainted £ 450

Cordage/cable backed £500
See also primitive bows

Ordering  self/cordage bows

Bows require 30% deposit with order


Contact me

Please email with any info/questions relating to your order, and to discuss the specification for your bespoke bow.



If you need further info, or I need more details from you, we'll agree on the order via email prior to payment.



Payment can be made via by Paypal (I can send a money request), bank transfer or cheque. Bow orders require 30% deposit,  all other items are payment with order.

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