(British Long-Bow Society specification outlined)

The British Long-Bow Society was founded in the 1950's to promote shooting of traditional longbows which were beginning to be replaced by metal bows on the shooting line.
Their specification for  archery 'tackle' in their shooting rules is based on the sporting bow as used in the revival started under the patronage of the  Prince Regent.
The limb cross section (right) has been taken from that of a Mary Rose bow -the 'D' shape being promoted by the BL-BS also evident from that earlier time.
My longbows comply with their rules in every respect, these specifications being well established and well understood among experienced tradional archers and craft bowmakers.


A flat-bellied bow, or a rectangular/square section limb does not comply


BL-BS Longbow limb section
longbow profiles braced and drawn


To limit any degree of recurve, the string must only touch the nocks -the above profiles comply.
Horn nocks to be fitted (they should surround the tip of the limb)
BOW LENGTH: min 60 inch up to 27inch draw. min 66 over that. (Most longbows are exceed those lengths nowadays)
The limb cannot have a recurve at draw, therefore the profile on the right would not comply with BL-BS rules of shooting. A relatively small degree of reflex/deflex may be allowed  as long as the principles of a continuous arc when braced and drawn is maintained

It is the archers responsibility to ensure that the equipment they shoot complies with the class rules for the Society running the competition they are participating in. 'Officials' may also have a view' !

Recurved longbow

Other type of profile...

...named variously as the 'Burgundian' or 'Continental' bow, this is a historic style, but does not comply with BL-BS rules of shooting as it has recurved limbs.

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